Friday, August 22, 2008

Building Fusion Mobile Applications

Mobility is key, customers are demanding access from anywhere and anytime.
Today for always connected applications one way to go is traditional web development, specially with high-end large-screen devices. Also for browser based applications we could use ADF Mobile, a subset of traditional ADF visual components with special render kits for PDAs, and smartphones.

Here is a diagram of the ADF Mobile architecture, available in JDeveloper 10g:

ADF Mobile, built upon the component model of Java Server Faces (JSF), allows you to quickly build applications for PDA browsers, two-way messaging devices, and industrial hand-held devices running Telnet. The same programming model (100% Web) and rich component set used for developing desktop browser applications can now be used to develop mobile applications.
JDeveloper will only display the ADF Faces components available to render on the target device. For instance, for Telnet applications, JDeveloper only lists the 50 supported ADF Faces components in the Component Palette.

Here is the link to a tutorial

But many times mobile devices are not always connected so we have to install local software, one place to start build native mobile applications could be this tutorial:
  • Building Mobile Applications for Windows CE
    • You can implement Mobile applications with Oracle Database Lite for WinCE. Oracle Database Lite supports various application models for the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC device, such as ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET. When developing your own WinCE application, you can use Visual Studio 2005.
    • Tutorial to demonstrate how to create, deploy, administer, and use a Windows CE application. The tutorial shows a Visual Basic.NET (Visual Studio.NET) application that uses the Oracle Database Lite ADO.NET interface for Windows Mobile included in Oracle.DataAccess.Lite.dll
But, what about using JDeveloper and ADF?

With JDeveloper 11g TP4, Oracle.DataAccess.Lite.dll is included in the trs/samples directory with a ExpenseReporting demo. Looking at the details (trs.sql) this is a demo of Transaction Replay Service technology. Promising.

Regarding ADF Mobile and JDeveloper 11g here are some links:

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