Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Webcenter online demos

A good collection of links to demos and videos of WebCenter technology. Enjoy it!

Oracle : Demos: WebCenter Suite: Delivering the Enterprise 2.0 Experience (Ravenna) : June 2008
WebCenter Suite demo. See how Web presence, content, composite applications, and social computing converge into an Enterprise 2.0 experience.
Products in action: Content Server, Site Studio, WebCenter Interaction, WebCenter Services (Discussions), WebCenter Framework, JDeveloper 11g, Document Library Service, Siebel CRM integration.

OTN Demos : WebCenter 11g Framework : Integrating a Google Gadget : March 2008
Peter Moskovits. This demonstration shows how you can integrate Google gadgets into your WebCenter applications.
The demo adds a small map component, which accepts an address as a parameter. (6:40 minutes)

Oracle : Videos : Enterprise 2.0 : McAfee & Casarez : 56m30s : February 2008
Join Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School associate professor, and Vince Casarez, vice president of product management at Oracle WebCenter, for a new webcast that investigates the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on the enterprise. (56:30 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Services 11g Preview: December 2007
Demo of building a WebCenter application with JDeveloper 11g TP3 and WebCenter Services: Tagging, Links, Searchs. This demo also shows ADF TaskFlow and ADF Security. (23:41 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter 10.1.3 Services : Discussions / Forums : December 2007
WebCenter 10.1.3 Discussions / Forums (Jive). This viewlet shows two ways to integrate a discussion forum into your WebCenter application with JDeveloper 10.1.3 and OmniPortlet (8:38 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter 10.1.3 Services : Wikis: November 2007
WebCenter 10.1.3 Wiki Service. This viewlet shows how to use an Oracle WebCenter Wiki data control to integrate your wiki into a WebCenter application. (12:28 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter 10.1.3 Services : Presence : January 2008
This viewlet shows how to combine a buddy list from a database table with presence information coming from the OCMS presence server. (11:17 minutes)

Oracle : Demos : WebCenter Spaces Viewlet : 11g Preview : December 2007
Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a prebuilt application that exposes functionality from the WebCenter Framework, Services, and Composer in a configurable work environment.

Oracle : Demos : WebCenter : Embracing Web 2.0: The Matrix Social Network with Tagging : Jun 2007
An example demo portal using preview WebCenter 11g technologies with Discussions, Tagging and Documents.

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Framework 10.1.3 : Consuming Portlets in a JSF Application : January 2007
Veeva Vacations Tutorial Demo 1. JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 10.1.3. This demonstration shows how to create a jspx page, and add an ADF table and OmniPortlet to the page. The OmniPortlet uses a custom HTML layout to display data that is defined in a csv file. (13:42 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Framework 10.1.3 : Adding Customization to a JSF Application : January 2007
Veeva Vacations Tutorial Demo 2. JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 10.1.3. This demonstration shows how to add a border and header ("chrome") around an ADF component by using a showDetailFrame. It also adds customization to a group of components by using a panelCustomizable component. (9:03 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Framework 10.1.3 : Integrating Content from a JCR 1.0 Repository : January 2007
Veeva Vacations Tutorial Demo 3. JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 10.1.3. This demonstration shows how to build an ADF Faces tree structure to display a list of directories and files. Each file contains an image, which is displayed when the user clicks the file name. (17:44 minutes). Demo with JDeveloper 10.1.3 about using Content Repository Data Control.

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Framework 10.1.3 : Contextually Linking WebCenter Components : January 2007
Veeva Vacations Tutorial Demo 4. JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 10.1.3.This demonstration shows how to synchronize the data displayer in two WebCenter components (portlets).
This demonstration shows how to link the data displayed in the OmniPortlet to the selected row in the ADF table. (9:28 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter Framework 10.1.3 : Building and Deploying Standards-Based Portlets : February 2007

Veeva Vacations Tutorial Demo 5. This demonstration shows the steps for producing and consuming portlets using JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 10.1.3. It also shows how to use WSRP 2.0 interportlet communication to wire a custom portlet to the out-of-box Parameter Form Portlet. (20:53 minutes)

OTN : Demos : WebCenter 10.1.3 Framework: Portletizing an ADF Faces Application : February 2007
JDeveloper 10.1.3 and WebCenter 101.3. This viewlet demonstrates the steps for exposing an existing ADF Faces application as a portlet. It shows the portlet running in both a WebCenter application and in an Oracle Portal page. (9:05 minutes)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Oracle Forms to Enterprise 2.0 development

¿Is it possible to migrate Oracle Forms applications to Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 applications?

Now we have tools: Forms2ADF Generator and OraFormsFaces are included in JHeadstart Also, the migration could be planned in little steps, evolution rather than a big migration. OraFormsFaces allow interoperability at the browser level between ADF and Forms runtimes. Once with ADF based applications is very easy to start to use WebCenter framework.

Additional info:

JHeadstart Developers Guide, Chapter 13

Presentation from Wilfred van der Deijl at ODTUG 2008: Integrating Oracle Forms and ADF: JHeadstart and OraFormsFaces
  • 1 + 1 = 3!
  • JHeadstart further accelerates use of OraFormsFaces
  • Generate pages with embedded Form components using Item display type “OraFormsFaces”
  • Generate Create, Delete, Save buttons that call out to embedded Oracle Form
  • Generate quick/advanced search with table page, detail form page is embedded OracleForms
  • Add security to JSF pages holding Forms Components
  • JHeadstart Form Migrator (JFM, now Forms2ADF) takes Forms menu module, and migrate the menu structure to ADF Faces, with the menu items calling JSF pages with embedded Forms
  • JFM (Forms2ADF) automates required changes to Forms

Directly from Wilfred van der Deijl blog:
Steven Davelaar (Oracle Consulting) has shown that JHeadstart will also include a new JHeadstart Forms2ADF Generator in the next version ( The JHeadstart Forms2ADF Generator will take the FMB files and create the entire ADF Model (Business Components) for you. It also creates a JHeadstart application definition file based on the Forms structure. This application definition file can be used to generate the ADF Faces View and Controller layer. Both Steven and I feel that OraFormsFaces and JHeadstart make a great combination. Once you get started, you can use OraFormsFaces to integrate your existing Forms. Then over time you can migrate your application to ADF using JHeadstart. Steven is so convinced by this concept that he integrated OraFormsFaces in the upcoming version of JHeadstart ( This next version can generate ADF pages that use OraFormsFaces to embed an Oracle Form.