Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ruby on Rails on Web 2.0 startups

Does RubyOnRails live only in the 2.0 startups ecosystem?

Today Web is everything, but at the same time a lot of Web ecosystems exist.
My work in Enterprise 2.0 arena allows me to get in touch with the different ecosystems, and in traditional enterprise software ecosystem Java is the king due to software ecosystem around IBM, ORACLE, SAP, SUN, and other enterprise ERP, CRM, ECM, SOA providers.
But in Web2.0 startups with very limited resources Rails appears to be a good choice.

Even Oracle has built Mix external social network ( with Rails using the standard Ruby interpreter (aka, MRI — Matz’ Ruby Interpreter) on Oracle DB XE using Ruby-OCI, but production is done with JRuby on Oracle Application Server. 4 people, 4 weeks. Details in this article.

Could Rails Applications be integrated in an Enterprise Grade 2.0 architecture?
Yes, at the end we are talking about Web technologies, protocols and standards.

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